How do I download my book?

When you purchase an e-book from us, there will be several opportunities for you to access the unique download link that will allow you to gain access to your book files.

First, when you submit payment and complete the checkout process, you will be sent to an "Order Confirmation" page that includes a link to access your files.

Here's what it looks like:

If you happened to miss this page or need to get to the files again later, the same download link was emailed to you in the Order Confirmation email. At the top of that email you'll see a paragraph that starts with "You may download your digital e-book files here" followed by a unique link available only to you.

Whether you select where it says "Click here to access your E-Book Files" on the Order Confirmation page or if you choose the link the in Order Confirmation email, both options will take you to another page that looks like this:

Select the button the right that says "Download" to put a copy of the file onto your computer or device. Be sure to pay attention to where the file goes--for many people the default location will be in a "downloads" file somewhere on your device, but you also have the option to choose to save it to your desktop or another location.

You may choose to download all the files, or just the ones you need. The system allows up to 5 download attempts per version of the book. If you run into problems and need additional download links, please contact us and we can reset the allowed number for you.

We do highly recommend you download the "E-Reader Instructions" first as that file contains additional details and instructions about which file you will want and how to best read it on your preferred device.