How do I read your books on my Nook?

  1. Download the EPUB or PDF file and save it on your desktop or someplace on your computer you can easily access.
  2. Connect the Nook to your computer with the included USB cable.
  3. Open “My Computer” on Windows or look at the desktop on your Mac. Nook will show as a drive where the hard drive and other USB drives show. Double-click on the Nook drive to open it.
  4. In another window, open the folder where you saved the EPUB or PDF book file you want to load onto your Nook.
  5. Now drag & drop the EPUB or PDF file from your computer to the root of the Nook, or to the “My Documents” folder.
  6. After the files are finished transferring to the Nook and before you unplug the USB cable, you must eject the device from the computer. Removing the USB cable before doing this can potentially damage your eBooks and/or the Nook. Simply right-click on the Nook drive and select the undock, eject, or unmount option.