How do I read your books on my Kindle?

  1. Download the MOBI or PDF file and save it on your desktop or someplace on your computer you can easily access.
  2. To load the e-book file to any Kindle Reader or Kindle App, we recommend Amazon’s “Send to Kindle” options:
  3. Due to the large size of these e-book files, we’ve found that the easiest of these options is to download the free “Send to Kindle” software onto your computer and upload the files to your Kindle reader.
    1. Send to Kindle for PC:
    2. Send to Kindle for Mac:

Recommended Versions for Kindle:

  • Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis: MOBI
  • Cooking for Hemochromatosis: PDF (Amazon may invite you to convert your PDF to the Kindle format. We advise against doing this as the conversion process will strip the formatting from the PDF, rendering all the graphs, charts, and recipes unreadable.)