Which version of the E-Book files should I use?

The e-book version of Holistic Help for Hemochromatosis comes with options to download three different file formats. Deciding which version to use depends on how you plan to read your book.

  • PDF: This is the easier format to read on any computer as long as you have a free PDF reader installed (i.e. Adobe Acrobat). PDFs are usually easiest to read on a full-size computer, laptop, or large tablet, but e-readers will allow you to import them as well.
  • MOBI: This is the format a Kindle likes best. If you want to read the book on a Kindle, we recommend you use this version.
  • EPUB: Almost every other major e-reader besides the Kindle uses this format. EPUB works well on Nook, iPad, Kobo, etc.

The e-book version of Cooking for Hemochromatosis comes in only one format, the PDF.

  • This is because this cooking resource contains many graphs, charts, illustrations, and carefully formatted recipes that will not translate well into MOBI or EPUB formats. The PDF preserves the layout on the page and provides the best experience for you, the reader.
  • You can put the PDF version of this book onto any e-reader devices so this will not limit your ability to view this book anywhere you wish.