How do I read your books on an iPad, iPhone, or other IOS device?

APPLE (Mac computer / iPad / iPhone) Instructions:

*If you use an iPhone or iPad but a PC computer, you may wish to install the Kindle Reader for Mac on your mobile device, then follow the instructions for “Kindle.” These instructions are designed for someone who uses only Apple devices and wants to read on a native Apple e-reader.

  1. Download the EPUB or PDF file and save it on your desktop or someplace on your Mac computer you can easily access.
  2. Launch iBooks from your Mac computer and select “Add to Library” from the File menu.
  3. Navigate to the EPUB or PDF book file you just downloaded and add it to your library.
  4. Sync iBooks to your device (you may have this automatically set up or you might need to do it manually depending on how you have set up your Apple devices).
  5. Once the sync has completed, you can open iBooks on your iPad or iPhone to read your newly transferred title.