Will you collect VAT if I live in the EU?

Important notice for all EU customers: The VAT due will not appear on our invoice, but it will be due once the package arrives in your country. 

We don't want anyone to be surprised by additional fees. Please mentally calculate an additional VAT for all products that you purchase from our site and be prepared to pay it to your local agency directly.

As of 01 July 2021, all shipments going to member countries within the European Union (EU) will be charged VAT, which will have to be paid by the recipient to receive the goods. Previously, low-cost shipments going to the EU valued at €22 or lower weren’t subject to VAT. This exemption for low-value goods has been eliminated and now all shipments, no matter the value, are subject to VAT.

As a small, US-based business, we do not have the capability of correctly collecting VAT and customs fees required by your country for all physical products being mailed to you. This means you will not see the VAT or other fees when you shop with us, as we are not able to correctly calculate them on your behalf.

Even though you do not see these costs on our website, you will still be responsible for any import taxes or duties that your country may charge you. You will need to pay VAT before you can receive the package from your country’s customs department. Before the package is delivered, you will be notified and asked to pay the VAT by your country's local package delivery service.

All shipments of physical products (supplements, paperback books, etc.) will need to pay VAT and other fees at the point of entry into your country. We will provide the appropriate VAT invoice and other documentation required to facilitate your package clearing customs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There may be additional customs or import duties that will be due as well; these are outside of our control and are dependent on your local customs agency.

Special Note about Book Orders (Paperback and Digital E-books):

Some EU countries charge a Reduced or Zero-rate VAT for books. This is different for each EU nation. Your customs agency will determine if your paperback book order received a different rate than is Standard for your country.

The only EU orders where we do collect VAT are for digital products like our E-books. These VAT charges are automatically calculated by our shopping cart and are submitted on your behalf by us to the appropriate tax authority.

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