Will you collect VAT if I live in the UK?

As of 01 January 2021, new rules from HMRC state that that if a sale is made on a website, where the goods are shipped outside the UK and come into the UK and that consignment (shipment) is worth less than £135, then the sale is treated as being inside the UK and will be subject to usual VAT laws.

This means that for orders placed on our website, where the value of the products in your cart are £135 or less, we will be collecting VAT on your behalf at the point of sale.

For orders valued at over £135, HMRC has instructed us not to collect VAT at the point of sale, and instead, it will be collected at the point of importation when it enters the UK.

  • The VAT rate for all of the nutritional supplements on this website is the standard 20% rate.
  • All books (e-books and paperback books), however, are zero-rated, which means the VAT owed on the books is 0%.

Our software will calculate these taxes automatically, including the £135 threshold, and we will provide you with the necessary UK VAT invoices to allow your orders to clear Customs as easily and efficiently as possible.

Please be aware that if your order is over £135, this means the amount of VAT due will not appear on our invoice, but it will be due once the package arrives in the UK. We don't want anyone to be surprised by this additional fee, so for orders that are over this threshold, please mentally calculate an additional 20% VAT for all products (excluding books) that you purchase from our site and be prepared to pay it to your local agency directly.

There may be additional customs or import duties that will be due as well; these are outside of our control and are dependent on your local customs agency.

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