Are the other ingredients in your Turmeric Cream safe?

This question is an important one! Supplements should be both effective and safe. The active ingredients in the Hemochromatosis Help Turmeric Cream are from a family of nutrient substances called Tetrahydrocurcuminoids, which are extracts of turmeric/curcumin. 

Specifically, the names for the turmeric/curcumin ingredients in our product are:

  • Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane
  • Tetrahydrodemethoxydiferuloylmethane
  • Tetrahydrobisdemethoxydiferuloylmethane
The other ingredients are designed to create enhance absorption and create a stable, consistent product. 

Regarding the safety of the carrier ingredients, a trustworthy resource is the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep database, which rates ingredients on a 1 (lowest risk of health problems) to a 10 (highest health risk).

While the ingredients are hard to pronounce chemicals, they are safe. 

According to the EWG, Tetrahydrodiferuloylmethane, Tetrahydrodemethoxydiferuloylmethane, and Tetrahydrobisdemethoxydiferuloylmethaneall rate a 1, indicating an exceptionally safe product with the lowest hazard risk.

Additionally, the first 3 ingredients (aside from water and tetrahydrocurcuminoids) are: caprylic triglyceride, HYDROXYETHYL ACRYLATE/ SODIUM ACRYLOYLDIMETHYL TAURATE COPOLYMER, and isohexadecane and they all rate a 1, or lowest hazard risk. For reference, EWG lists Vitamin D as a 4 (moderate risk) and Vitamin A as a 9 (high risk).

Disodium EDTA is rated a 1 as well. Tocopherol Acetate is a form of Vitamin E, and it rates a 3 (still a fairly low risk).
Seeing the ratings EWG gives to the ingredients in the Turmeric Cream indicates that it is a very safe to use product.

Bioperine is often used with oral forms of Turmeric.  While it enhances Turmeric absorption, black pepper may irritate the digestive tract or liver/gall bladder of some individuals.  Additionally, bioperine antagonizes glucoronidation, which is a very important detox pathway of the liver.  As a result, Hemochromatosis Help prefers either the  Turmeric Cream, or our  Turmeric Capsules (designed for enhanced oral absorption).