I got a notice that my package was delivered but I didn't receive it. What happened?

What happens if your tracking number says "delivered" but you don't have your package?

This happens occasionally, and most of the time it is due to the shipping company marking it as "delivered" prematurely, and the package shows up later. Almost every time this has happened, the package does ultimately get delivered.

Common scenarios also include:

  1. Sometimes, especially with international shipments, the package has been transferred from the US Postal Service into the hands of a local mail service, such as Canada Post or Royal Mail. You may therefore get a notice that it has been "delivered" but that means it's been delivered to the local postal service and is no longer in the US postal service system. In cases where this has happened the package arrives later; sometimes later that day, or usually within 1-2 days.
  2. Sometimes, it's been accidentally delivered to your neighbor; in that case, ask your local postal carrier to see if they can help recall where the package was delivered.
  3. Sometimes your shipment was meant to be delivered that day, the post office scanned it as delivered, but for unforeseen circumstances, it never makes it off the truck on that day. In that case, it typically appears the next day.
  4. Is it a holiday? Is there unusual weather? Sometimes shipping logistics don't work as well during busy times or during times of emergencies.

Our of thousands of packages, these situations have only occurred a few times, and in almost every situation the package did ultimately arrive at its destination, usually within a day.

If this does happen to you and you DON'T receive your package, please let us know and we will help provide additional assistance to the best of our ability. Please do understand that once a package leaves our hands we are not liable for damages or loss caused by the postal service as it is completely out of our control, but we'll do our best to support you in figuring out what happened.