How much Magnesium is in your cream?

Each pump/serving of Magnesium Cream contains approximately 80 mg of magnesium.  

While this number may seem low at first compared to what might be printed on the label of an oral capsule, powder, or liquid of magnesium, it's important to recognize that what's important is the amount absorbed and usable to the body, not how much is in the starting formula.

Skin absorption of magnesium is excellent, often far better than oral absorption of magnesium, which is typically between 30-40%. So that means that your 150 mg capsule of magnesium may only be providing 45-60 mg of actual magnesium to your body.

When you also consider that topical magnesium doesn't have the digestive side-effects seen by high-dose oral magnesium, and it's no wonder that topical magnesium is a popular choice for many people.